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Welcome to LushMoringa Creations.


In a world filled with artificial flavourings we aspire to get back to basics and to nature.


And nothing’s more natural then the Miracle Tree, Moringa.


Famed for its varieties of nutrients and vitamins, LushMoringa Creations have teamed up with 

nutritionists to create a range of Moringa products.


The first to be launched will be our LushMoringa Face Masks.


To find out more please send us an email and we will keep you posted.

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LushMoringa Creations

Creating natural health and beauty

Moringa products for a more vibrant you.

LushMoringa Creations are committed to working with and empowering local communities.

We support the work of Brave Ministry (www.braveministry.org) by consigning our production to their dependents, thereby providing gainful training and skills for them.